Client Spotlight: Bell Fuels

About Our Client

Bell Fuels, a 100+ year-old, Chicago-based business, provides an array of industrial fuel solutions for construction, hospitals, municipalities and more. Bell Fuels needed to turbocharge its sales and digital marketing efforts to keep pace with competition – That’s where Moneyball stepped in. Moneyball provided an integrated sales and marketing program to help Bell’s outside sales team create more qualified appointments to increase the sales pipeline and drive new revenue.

Moneyball Highlights

  • Market research delivering key insights on customer pain points.
  • A new lead generation website to attract inbound leads.
  • Customer testimonial video to add industry credibility.
  • Landing pages and email campaigns implemented for new product introduction and BDR support.
  • Lead generation specialists to fill the top of the outside sales teams pipeline, as well as identify new and innovative ways to prospect future leads.

“Within 5 months of working with the Bell Fuels team, I was able to set 105 appointments per month equating to 175% of our goal. Bell Fuels was able to close several of those deals and I’ve produced a pipeline of promising opportunities by using Google Earth to assess fueling stations and possible prospect needs.”
— Josh Akers
Moneyball, BDR